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The new database "Photovoltaic Projects in Poland '2018" presents the situation on the market of PV projects in Poland, which are at the stage of issued connection conditions, concluded connection agreements, and even to a certain extent have already issued building permits. This level of project advancement gives real opportunities to participate in this year's renewable energy auction and in the intervention auction proposed by IEO in 2019 to bring Poland closer to achieving international energy obligations in 2020 from RES. On the Polish solar market we currently have 2.1 thousand of projects with connection conditions for larger solar PV installations to the grid, which were issued in 2010-2018. The total capacity of these  photovoltaic projects exceeds 2 GW.

Some of the more than 2 GW projects will take part in this year's auction - approx. 750 MW. Others can take part in the intervention auction if the government takes such an initiative. According to the IEO forecasts of electricity prices, from 2020 it will be possible to implement solar farms on a commercial basis. It should be noted that in addition to 2 GW in photovoltaic projects that have been granted connection conditions, there are projects at an earlier stage of the project, for example, seeking a decision on environmental conditions.

This is a huge potential for the photovoltaic industry, which has not yet been used.

Taking into account the potential of this market, it is worth looking at both: projects and the companies, developers and investors behind them. To meet the needs, the Institute of Renewable Energy on the basis of data provided by Distribution Network Operators (DSOs) and public information, has prepared materials giving the most up-to-date picture of the short-term investment potential of photovoltaic technology: database and report  “Photovoltaic Projects in Poland ‘2018”.


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